Wednesday, 4 November 2009


After creating the first page of my newspaper, I wanted to gather a series of audience feedback in order to improve on my piece; the constructive criticism given could possibly help me to create a better piece overall.

Below is a list of feedback I gathered:

- "I really like the layout and it looks really neat. Some of the images aren't of a good quality though"
- "I like the use of green and I like the photography in the advertisement but the other images aren't as good"
- "Most of the images contain props or places as opposed to people. There needs to be images which contain the people of Harrogate"
- "There needs to be less images of shop fronts. One is enough"
- "The font should be bigger on the headlines as this can be seen in most newspapers"
- "I love the colour scheme and how it you've made a conventional house style. Everything is good apart from a few images and possibly the advertisement"

I also thought about the changes I could undergo in order for my front page to be a lot more successful:

- Images: these to need to be of a lot better quality, as most were taken from a mobile device. I also need to vary my angle of each image, as most on the front page are medium shots, therefore I need to take images of close ups and long distance shots. People need to be included in most of the images also in order for the newspaper to seem ultralocal. Possibly a photograph of the headteacher at Harrogate Grammar School would be good for the main article.
- Advertisement: this needs to be far more interesting than a photography based advert. Possibly an advertisement of a flower shop could be put here in order to compliment the greenery of Harrogate and its well known flower shows.
- Headlines these needs to bigger in order for the reader to be able to identify the article quickly.

Here are a few changes I made to my final piece which originated from my feedback:

- I have taken a photograph of the Head Teacher of Harrogate Grammar to support my main article; the previous image which can be seen on my drafted piece came from the internet as it was not my own. I have gone for a close up shot of Mr Sheriff (the headteacher) in order to vary my angles in each image.
- I have inserted images of a group of girls in order to support the article of Jakes restuarant and the Bar Crawl. I wanted more images of people in my newspaper as opposed to shop fronts that lack human perspective.

Here is a screen shot of the overall product:

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