Monday, 30 November 2009


Here is a list of feedback I gathered after completing my website:

- The scrolling text on either side of the home page is very effective and the nice image of the grass really captures the greenery effect that you are trying to portray
- The images are clear and the hyperlinks and the overall layout looks exactly like the website of many other local newspaper web pages from this area
- The marquee is really cool and I haven't seen it much on any other newspaper web pages but it's really effective when showing the local news

As the feedback I gathered was indeed positive, I felt there were no necessary changed I needed to make. I believe my website looks incredibly familiar to current media products such as the Harrogate Advertiser, and I believe I have been successful when applying all the generic conventions of a website which can be viewed in the PowerPoint evaluation.

Here is a screen shot of my website:

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