Monday, 30 November 2009


The screen shots featured illustrate the drafting process of my second page:

This screen shot shows the basic layout of my second page. I have added text boxes on Microsoft Publisher to create this layout. I believe that by adding specific elements to the page gradually, it helps to create an organised and planned structure.

This again shows the process of adding elements to my page for an organised structure. I have begun adding images as well as text, so that I can see how everything looks on the page. In my opinion, this is the easiest process when creating a media product such as this, as planning is key.

This is a screen shot of the middle part of my second newspaper page. I have added in all articles and images I need besides from the image for the 'HUB' article. This is again, a planning process to see how everything looks on the page.

Here is a screen shot of the bottom of the second page. I have continued to insert articles into the page as well as images. A variation of the articles originate from the articles I previously wrote in the blog. I have also written a few fillers to also insert into the second page.

Here, I have decided on my final main article on the second page, and inserted an image. I have also left space for the article itself.

This is almost the final product as I have inserted all of my articles I am completely happy with the layout. There are a few images I need to fulfill completion, as well as an advertisement. I may advertise a clothing line in the Harrogate area or even a florists to support the greenery of Harrogate.

This is the advertisement I made for my second page; it involves an image I took of my friend in cotemporary clothes to market a contemporary clothing line in Harrogate, Laudanam. I really like this advertisement as I believe it to be quite powerful; the use of black makes it stand out and the image is of a high quality.


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