Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Most photographs shown on the front page of my newspaper have been taken from a mobile device. The main image is not my own, as this is temporary; I wish to take an image of the headteacher of Harrogate Grammar to support the article.

Using a mobile decreases the quality in the images, so I may need to use an SLR camera if I wish to replace my current images.

First I had to pick my images from a collection of shots, and then edit that final image. For example, for the article about Jakes restuarant, I had to pick from a variation of images of customers in Jakes restuarant:

I then edited the image in photoshop using a range of tools.

Here, I have used the Saturation and Hue tool to make the image a little more believable in terms of colour, as the image turned out to be quite bright as it was captured on an average digital camera.

Here, I have demonstrated the use of contrast and brightness.

I continued to edit all of my images as previously shown. Photoshop CS4 is a brilliant program to use for editing images and is used for professional photographs.

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